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Stackawraps & 3D Display Replicas

Diversity B are proud to be Ireland’s official Stackawraps Agent.

These amazing photo realistic 3D display replicas are a must for anyone involved in the
promotion, marketing, advertising or retail sector.

Drink bottles and cans, coffee cups, glasses and juice cartons, beer and spirit
brands, mobile phones and even shoes and trainers all look great in giant 3D.

Unlike traditional  fibreglass or polystyrene models, Stackawraps arrive flat
packed, making them so much easier to transport and handle. There’s no
tools or special skills required  and they can be assembled in minutes by
anyone.  A typical 5ft bottle takes no more than 5 minutes to set up.

With unique software we convert a flat photograph into a 3D image. A series
of panels is then generated from the image and these images are applied to
fire retardant fabric using dye sublimation print technology. They are then
sewn together to produce a 3D outer ‘jacket’ with a zip enclosure. This photo
real skin is then slipped over custom shaped bulkheads which are slotted over
a central metal tube and securely locked into place.

Stackawraps are available to order in a variety of sizes. The end result is an
exact life like3d display replica that captures the depth, detail and perspective of the
original, only much, much bigger!

Features and Benefits

Incredible photo realism as the outer fabric layer is created from an actual hi-res photograph using dye sublimation print technology.
Lightweight and very easily assembled and dismantled.
Easily transported by car, no vans or trucks required.
Reusable – Put them up for an event, take them down again. Pack them away
after an advertising campaign ready for use again.
Choice of Indoor and Outdoor fire rated fabrics.


Retail POS
Product launches
In-store demonstrations and sampling
Events and road shows
Exhibitions and festivals
Window displays and dressing
Seasonal decorations

3D Display Replicas


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