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Neon Lighting from Neon Plus

Neon Lighting – Diversity B are proud to be the only Irish supplier of the unique and beautiful
Neonplus signage.

Neon lighting from Neonplus is a range of 25-35mm thick acrylic letters and shapes. Embedded with LED they can illuminate to the face, the sides or create a halo effect on the surface behind – or any combination of all 3.

Equally suitable for interior and exterior use, Neonplus can be used for signage, point of sale and window displays.

Where that bygone retro feel of neon lights is a must, take a look at Neonplus. Without the fuss and high maintenance costs associate with a now out dated technology, Neonplus is the perfect alternative.

We have the brightest letter options available. We can recreate letters of any font and shapes of any size with far superior accuracy than could ever be achieved with traditional neon tubes. And there’s no limit when it comes to the colours too. Your brand will look great in stunning Neonplus.

Neonplus benefits over traditional neon lights.

Neonplus have a far longer bulb life.
Power consumption is hugely lower.
Light output is much higher.
They produce little or no heat – making them safer in any application.
Neonplus use LEDs to create light and not toxic chemicals.
They are durable where as traditional Neon tubes are prone to breakages.
The maintenance costs are low.

And unlike traditional neon lights, Neonplus are fully dimmable, flashable and DMX controllable, giving you the look and feel that you need, day or night.

And if this wasn’t enough we have a fast turn around of between 1 and 3 weeks depending on the size of the job. We provide a full install service or can work with your own electrician; you decide. Oh, and lastly we think that they are simply awesome. We hope that you do too!

Call Diversity B today to talk about your new neon lighting from Neonplus sign and standout like never before.

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