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Window Graphics

Whether its a single glass door or the entire front of a modern office building; it can be branded by Diversity B.
Lettering, printed vinyls, plain, plotted or even printed frosted films and Contravision – Diversity B do it all.
Boost awareness, tell the world what you do, or just add privacy to a part of your space.
Inexpensive and durable – The results speak for themselves.
How plain the world would seem if al the glass were see through. How very very ordinary indeed.
At Diversity B we say, ‘ If you have a window – Use it!’
Don’s sit and wait for the passing trade to accidentally stumble into your store. Use your windows to promote your business from the inside out.
Use vibrant colourful imagery to highlight what it is you do. Images of your stock, special offers that just can’t be missed or just something catchy, to catch the attention of the world outside. Window graphics do it all.
Then when it time to hide a little of what you do from those unwanted prying eyes – there’s the other side to graphics on glass. Plain or printed, frosted or black – Window Graphics from Diversity B can give you that privacy you might need. Full length and width, slatted or head height, let some light in or none at all. You decide how much you want to hide!
Durable, inexpensive, removable & versatile – Window Graphics from Diversity are the ones for you!
Lets us come to you. We’ll advise, recommend, measure and discuss your ideas. Before you know it your windows will be alive and brilliant.
You won’t regret it!
Diversity B – Turning Ideas into Reality.


Graphics & Glass – The perfect combination. If you have a window – Use it!


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