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Diversity B Print Consultancy Services will help you reduce the gap between concept and reality. First ideas will take a step closer to full scale production as we advise on materials, methodology, feasibility and ultimately installation.
Through our 20 years of experience, Diversity B not only know how, but more importantly where, to get print done. Not all printers are created equal and Diversity B know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
At Diversity B we understand print. Working with us you can:
Effectively manage your large format print and signage projects
Ensure quality & consistency throughout every job
Improve procurement procedures
Reduce waste and costs

We remember Litho when it was a shining star – But now we visit it in the museum of print. We were impressed by screen printing but are happy to say it’s all but obsolete. Why? Because ‘Digital’ can do it all!

But even with Digital Print, the headache is not all gone.

Diversity B understand print. And we understand printers too. Not the machines, but the people who operate them. Most importantly we know how to get the best from them.

By working with Diversity B from beginning to end you can rest assured that your print will turn out exactly the way you want.  Proofs are a pre requisite; giving you every opportunity to ensure that your copy is spot on.  Colour samples and material samples are encouraged ensuring that disappointments are never a factor.

We’ve seen all the typos, all the silly mistakes; the low resolution, pixelated images, where image was supposed to be key! We’ve seen colours that were so terribly wrong, a colour blind mole would have commented. But never on our watch!

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Diversity B – Consultants, Watchdogs, Guardians of the Print!




20 years experience helping you along the way. Improve – Optimise – Manage


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